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ImpeachX: The cure for liberals obsessed with impeachment

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Fox News’ “Greg Gutfeld Show” unveiled the cure for liberals who have impeaching President Donald Trump on their minds 24 /7.

Weeks ago, host Greg Gutfeld announced his new fictitious sponsor Blamitol, a prescription for people like Hillary Clinton who want to blame everyone else for their defeats.

Now there’s hope for liberals, particularly in the media, who can’t stop fantasizing about impeaching the president.

“Do all of the thoughts in your head lead to only one conclusion? Are you constantly fixated on the same thing?” the narrator asked before showing a montage of news anchors talking about impeachment.

To end the video the narrator warned of the side effects of ImpeachX which included “getting a life and/or being alienated by people who constantly want to talk about impeachment.”

Watch the hilarious video.

[wpvideo P1cBNf7d]

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Carmine Sabia


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