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When your name is Trump, they don’t even ask … Saudi Arabia tells Melania, Ivanka; wear whatever you want

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Melania and Ivanka Trump accompanied President Donald Trump on his first visit to Saudi Arabia this week and neither the first lady, or the first daughter, wore a traditional headscarf during the trip.

The oppressive kingdom didn’t even bother to ask them to change their dress code.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir told the media on Thursday that the first family would not be asked to dress in traditional Muslim garb, the Mercury News reported.

“We welcome any style in clothing,” he told reporters.

Wow. That’s a step in diplomacy. And the United States is not the one capitulating, for once.

Women in the kingdom are required to wear black dresses that cover them from head to toe, and a headscarf that covers everything except for a slit for their eyes.

Al-Jubeir said his country “usually doesn’t demand” but does offer clothing “suggestions”for visiting dignitaries.

Many, including Yahoo Style, wondered if the first lady would have to wear the traditional Muslim clothing as both she and Ivanka are fashion icons in the West.

Some on social media wondered why the Trump women weren’t wearing the headscarves when, then citizen Trump, scolded former first lady Michelle Obama for not wearing one during her visit to the Mideast nation.

Mrs. Obama’s decision not to wear the headscarf happened during a frosty relationship between the kingdom and her husband, former President Obama.

During a trip in 2016 the Saudi king even refused to meet Obama at the airport when he landed, despite meeting other world leaders.

And what made her decision worse was the fact that she did wear a headscarf when she visited Indonesia in 2010, which gave the impression to some that not wearing one in Saudi Arabia was an intentional snub.

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta called the decision “not really in keeping with … traditional norms,” and said that the president “defied conventional wisdom.”

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The Trump women looked stunning, as usual.

Carmine Sabia


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