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Protesters blocking the streets go flying, get brutally flattened with ‘The Whale’ water cannon

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The Venezuelan government brutally squashed a protest this month but don’t look to the media for any outrage.

Stunning video of the incident took the Internet by storm, and showed how anti-government protesters were wiped out by a water cannon affectionately known as the “whale.”

Protesters in Caracas blocked the highway, disrupting traffic and preventing the advancement of the National Guard, last week, RT reported.

When police decided it was time to end the protest they brought in the “whale” to get control of the situation.

The protesters have legitimate concerns as the socialist nation steadily creeps towards becoming a totalitarian state — if it isn’t there already.

“This constituent assembly seeks to impose a Cuban electoral model,” Jorge Millan, an opposition lawmaker, told Reuters.

“We Venezuelans are not going to allow fraud,” he said.

Imagine how often this video might have been shown on CNN, MSNBC and there mainstream media venues if it was Berkeley police using these tactics to stop dangerous Antifa rioters.


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