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Irish airline harasses passenger in the most fantastic way possible

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Airline abuse of passengers has been an issue in the news recently. But one Irish airline harassed one of its passengers to the delight of nearly everyone on board.

Francois Colussi was on a flight from Dublin, Ireland to Nice, France when he is approached by the Ryanair crew and asked to open the accordion case he took on board with him, the Daily Mail reported.

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Colussi was befuddled by the request but the stewards explained that “this is an Irish plane” and they needed him to play a tune.

When he realized the crew was having fun with him Colussi, 37, agreed and took out his accordion and gave a rendition of “Dirty Old Town” to the delight of fellow passengers and the crew members who broke out in dance.

Colussi told Mail online that, with all of the recent issues happening with flight crews and passengers, he was happy to play along with the crews “Irish sense of humor.”

“Everyone was in a good mood going to France for the weekend. It’s something that could happen everywhere,” he said.

A Ryanair spokesman told the Mail that it was happy to give its passengers a “bonus.”

“As Europe’s most punctual airline, Ryanair customers are already used to hearing our on-time arrival music on landing, and all onboard enjoyed this extra bonus track mid–flight,” he said.

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