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‘Strongmen’ duo is sued by TV station after acting out ‘feats of strength’ in hilarious on-air prank

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A pair of YouTube pranksters are in hot water after tricking a news show into believing they were fitness experts named Chop and Steele.

The duo, whose real names are Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, appeared on WEAU’s “Hello Wisconsin” in November posing as bodybuilding experts that had a unique style of working out using household items.

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Someone who claimed his name was “Jerry Chubb” and was a representative of the pair, sent a press release to the station claiming to be Joe “Chop” Shopsin and Nicholas “Steele” Stelling and said they appeared at Disneyland and on “America’s Got Talent,” Mercury News reported.

When on the show the pair slapped each other with tennis rackets, lifted tires and cinder blocks and crushed wicker baskets among other ridiculous “feats of strength.”

WEAU and its parent company, Gray Television, were not amused and filed a federal lawsuit against the men.

The “defendants fraudulently induced Gray Television station WEAU … to book their appearance for a live interview on its flagship morning program ‘Hello Wisconsin,'” the complaint read.

Pickett and Prueher appeared on the show as the “fake strongman duo Chop & Steele and performed ridiculous bits and provided false information to WEAU viewers,” the suit said.

The pair found out about the lawsuit by reading about it in the New York Post they told Mercury News.

“I guess Gray Television didn’t have a sense of humor about this thing,” Prueher said.

“They’re trying to scare us, but we’re going to fight it because we’re well within our rights doing what we did,” he said.

Gray Television accused Pickett and Prueher of conspiracy to commit a wrongful activity, copyright infringement and fraud.

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