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‘America is in trouble!’ Judge Jeanine to cops: ‘You can’t take a snowflake in a ninja costume? C’mon.’

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Judge Jeanine Pirro used her “Opening Statement” on Saturday to tell Americans that “it’s time to fight back.”

“America is in trouble,” she warned to open her Fox News’ show “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” in response to riots on college campuses, particularly Berkeley, to silence conservative speakers.

“A monstrous and pervasive movement is putting the First Amendment and your free speech, the most basic and fundamental tenets of our nation at risk and in danger of extinction,” she said. “And whether you are on the left or right, free speech is essential to our democracy, the reason the country was found, the reason people risk so much, even die to come here.”

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Pirro pointed to a tweet by former Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean in which he said that “Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment.”

It was a statement she excoriated on “Fox & Friends” earlier in the week, as a sign of things to come from the left.

And one he attempted to reinforce the next day by inaccurately referring to a court case that dealt with “fighting words” and not “hate speech.”

“It’s putting us on the course where we are in danger of becoming a fascist totalitarian society where there is only one accepted point of view; no other will be tolerated, and it’s time to fight back,” she said, talking about Berkeley University’s disinviting Ann Coulter from speaking, then re-inviting her on a day classes won’t be in session.

Pirro, a frequent defender of police, also lambasted the Berkeley police for not making more arrests when Milo Yiannopoulos triggered a riot on campus.

“Really?” she asked. “Did you guys go to rookie school? did anyone tell you how to take someone into custody without going into full riot gear? You can’t take a snowflake in a ninja costume? C’mon.

“And what’s with these college wimps who can’t bear to hear a speaker and need a safe space, aka a college playpen, because they are so traumatized by words? Instead of having a hissy fit you ought to go find a bunker to hide in for the next 50 years because you aren’t going to make it in the real world.

“Young people face drugs and gangs and wars and landmines and genocides, and you spoiled brats can’t listen to words? You’re wusses. If you don’t like what someone has some say, stay home. But if you think you have the right to use violence to stop someone else from listening, you are a thug and a dumb one at that.”

But, she said as she listed a litany of criminal activity engaged in by the rioters, they had more Constitutional rights than free speech that they might become familiar with.

“The right the remain silent, the right to an attorney,” she said. “And the right, yes, to your own playpen. Another playpen though. A 6 x 6 cell that taxpayers would be happy to throw you into. But we can’t guarantee that the guy next you is even going to like you.”

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