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Florida TV station commits ‘ultimate saga sin,’ gets mocked from all sides

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“I work there and even I’m embarrassed.”

A South Florida TV station managed to incur the wrath of both “Star Wars” fans and “Star Trek” devotees alike when it confused the two series in a post it made on its Facebook page.

Mediaite captured the offending post before West Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV was able to edit its announcement to “Trekkies” to check out the trailer for the next installment in the “Skywalker saga.”

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“Skywalker,” of course, refers to “Star Wars,” not “Star Trek,” and there are no “Trekkies” who follow “Star Wars.” Oops!

The station got mocked by fands of both series.

The derision continued, with one person even suggesting a plot line for a combination of the two series.

James Boatwright wasn’t the only WPTV staffer embarrassed by the faux pas. Mediaite reported:

What makes this flub even more monumental is the fact that WPTV’s own Michael Williams was described by the Palm Beach Post in 2013 as “such a Star Trek fan that he wears a Starfleet commander’s uniform to work on Halloween.”

Seriously, he and his wife bonded over Star Trek when they met. How could WPTV have let this slide with that man on staff?


This isn’t the first time someone has mixed the two series up, and it won’t be the last. But after all this fuss, it’s unlikely WPTV will make the same mistake again.

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