Syrians celebrate ‘hero’ Trump after airstrike: ‘I am going to name my son Donald … he has balls’

After six years of the inaction and ineptitude of the Obama administration the Syrian people finally hope for the future.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump ordered the strategic strike of the Syrian airbase that is believed to be where Bashar al-Assad launched a chemical gas attack against his own people.

And a people weary of the former administration’s red lines that led nowhere and assurances that Assad no longer had chemical weapons, which were apparently not true, celebrated the news.

“It was the happiest news that I’ve heard in my life,” a man identified only as Ahmad, which was changed to protect his identity, told Public Radio International.

“I am a Syrian child who suffered under Bashar al Asad [sic] & [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. I welcome Donald Trump action against the killers of my people… Putin and Bashar al Asad bombed my school, killed my friends & robbed my childhood. It’s time to punish the killers of children in Syria,” seven-year-old Syrian girl, Bana al-Abed, wrote on Twitter.

Abed has gained fame for years of her pleading for international help on social media.

Another man who identified himself as a Syrian refugee amazed himself by thanking President Trump.

“As a Syrian refugee, I never imagined that I’d say this: Thanks [Donald Trump] for bombing the regime who displaced me, please do more,” Dr. Milad Kawas Cale, wrote on Twitter.

He also shared a tweet deriding former President Obama’s inaction.

People in parts of Syria controlled by the rebels have started to change their social media avatars to pictures of President Trump with messages such as “thank you” and “we love you,” The Independent reported.

Qusai Zakaria, who survived a chemical attack by Assad in 2013, told The Telegraph that he is going to name his child after President Trump.

“I am going to name my son Donald, if I have one. This man is a hero. He has balls.”

“This is a game changer; it’s a new era that shows that America will actually do something. It shows there are real red lines in Syria,” he said from his home in Germany.

“Like Donald Trump says, ‘This is huge’.”

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Carmine Sabia


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