These people are insane! Watch what happens when an angry open-borders mob hears truth about the wall

Left wing activists raised the level of insanity on Friday when they hijacked the town hall of Republican Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah.

One man in the crowd asked Stewart if he supported the president’s budget policies that, he insisted, are “tearing families apart.”

“I do support securing our border,” Stewart said to raucous boos from a crowd that, apparently, believes America should have no borders.

He said that, while he does support a secure border, he also supports a plan to give legal status, short of citizenship, to illegal immigrants who have committed no other crime other than entering the nation illegally.

And though the crowd cheered momentarily, they weren’t satisfied with that answer.

They demanded to know if Stewart supported the building of a border wall with Mexico.

“Are you asking if I support the wall? Yeah, of course I do,” he said.

The crowd went ballistic at the response as they shouted and held signs that read “disagree.”

“Are you surprised by that? Most Americans do,” he said.

Watch the heated battle.

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Carmine Sabia


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