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Toot on this! Libs can’t seem to stand seeing Trump having fun with hardworking truckers

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President Donald Trump had a fun time on Thursday when he welcome truckers to the White House and praised their contributions to America.

The president climbed into the cab of a big rig on the White House ground, pretended to drive it and tooted the horn to the delight of the crowd– and Trump.

“I am honored to welcome all of the many truckers and … industry leaders to the White House,” he said during the meeting. “America depends on you, and you work very hard for America.”

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“No one knows America like truckers know America,” the president said. “You see it every day, and you see every hill, and you see every valley, and you see every pothole on our roads that have to be redone, right?”

President trump wore an “I <3 truckers” pin on his shirt at the meeting.

“You love America, and you love the spirit, and we love your spirit, and we want to thank you very much,” the president told the truckers.

Liberals mocked it on social media because they don’t seem to comprehend someone that relates with the working class.

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