Sean Spicer gets ‘fashion advice’ from press corps after they notice his ‘SOS’


The White House press secretary made a mistake with his American flag lapel pin and wore it upside down to his press briefing on Friday, to the laughter of the reporters in attendance after it was pointed out to Spicer by Fox News reporter John Roberts.

Spicer found it humors and quipped that Roberts was giving him “fashion advice.” But it didn’t take long for others to concoct wild conspiracy theories that Spicer was attempting to send a distress signal.

“‘House of Cards’ promo?“ one reporter asked.

“No,” the press secretary said, laughing. “There’s no promo.”

But social media sleuths believed they deciphered the hidden message Spicer was giving.

On a more serious note, Roberts asked about Gen. Michael Flynn, who served as President Donald Trump’s first national security advisor, and his role as a foreign agent.

Flynn registered with the Department of Justice prior to Election Day, as a foreign agent for more than a half million dollars in lobbying work that may have helped the government of Turkey, Fox News reported.

Roberts asked Spicer why Flynn’s association with Turkey didn’t raise “red flags” for the president’s transition team.

“It’s not a question raising red flags,” Spicer answered. “It’s the question of whether they gave them advice they were supposed to, it’s not up to them what you need to do or not do.”

Glenn Thrush of the New York Times, who has not hidden his opposition to the president and his agenda, had a harsher response.

“Forget about forms and the legalisms here,” Thrush said. “What does this say about the transition team’s judgment about still appointing him as national security adviser when you had knowledge of this information?”

“You’re asking me to forget about the legalisms,” Spicer answered. “That’s what we ask people to do is follow the law. You can’t forget about the legalisms.”

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Carmine Sabia


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