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Hey, outraged Dems, Bill Clinton AG Janet Reno fired TWICE as many US attorneys in one day as Sessions!

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It’s not rare for conservatives to see a double standard in how the media treats them versus liberals, but to see it in writing is striking.

Fox New published an article on Friday that showcased four instances where President Donald Trump, or those in his administration, was scorched by the mainstream media for things liberals did before him.

Dr. Ben Carson’s comparison of slaves to immigrants, that former President Obama used years earlier, was just one example of the outrageous hypocrisy.

But another double standard reared its head even after the story was published.

Liberals went insane on Friday when it was reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked for the resignations of the 46 attorney generals still working who were appointed by former President Obama.

Perhaps Democrats need a reminder of the fact that during the administration of President Bill Clinton his Attorney General, Janet Reno, fired all 93 Republican attorney generals in a single day.

Among them an attorney general named Jeff Sessions.

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Carmine Sabia


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