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MSNBC launches odd ad campaign to win over political viewers and it’s already ‘getting old’

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MSNBC has launched a strange new sports-themed video ad campaign to rebrand itself as actual news instead of hardcore, left-wing boosterism that some are saying smells of desperation.

With the hashtag of #ThisIsWhoWeAre, the first two ads in what promises to be a series features Democrat operatives turned TV news anchors Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews attempting to cajole viewers into thinking they are the only ones ready to “play by the rules” or to “seek a decision” in political reporting today.

Chuck Todd, who started his professional career as an aide for Democrat Senator Tom Harkin before he suddenly became a “journalist,” is seen on a basketball court in his ad and is heard saying he is worried that no one wants to “play by the rules” anymore. Apparently this one-time Democrat operative feels he is just the right fellow to “referee” our politics.

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In his ad, Chris Matthews — who also started his adult life working for Democrats on Capitol Hill — employs some boxing metaphors and is seen tsk tsking Washington for do nothing but “fighting” and not getting to some “decisions.”

This is the same Chris Matthews who had a “thrill going up his leg” when Barack Obama won the White House. So, we know just how serious he is about “journalism.”

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The whole campaign smells of desperation to some.

Others are just sick and tired of Matthews pretending to be a “journalist.”

Chuck Todd didn’t escape criticism, either.

And some people are just tired of the whole thing…

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