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NY Times to air anti-Trump ‘the truth is hard’ ad during Oscars, president fires back

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The New York Times’ plan to increase readership is to preach to the choir during the Academy Awards by trolling President Donald Trump.

But the president fired back.

The Times is showing its first television ad in seven years on Sunday night during the Oscars, according to Fortune, and it is a blatant swipe at the president and his war on “fake news.”

The 30 second ad, titled “The Truth,” highlights messages from the Trump administration and how they are the polar opposite of assertions made by the mainstream media.

The ad ends with “The truth is hard.”

Particularly for the Times.

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“The idea is to be a part of that discussion about what does it mean to find the truth,” David Rubin, branding executive for the Times, told CNN. “What does that mean in a world of ‘fake news?’ And what is the role of journalism and journalists in that process and what is the role of reader in supporting that journalism?

“We think it’s a great metaphor for how hard it is on a regular basis to understand the truth,” he said, while not acknowledging his newspaper’s role in that confusion. “That leads into the role that we think journalism can play in helping you cut through that clutter and make your own sense of what’s going on in the world.”

As long as people believe everything you tell them to believe?

President Trump gave the paper advice on a cheaper alternative to playing the advertisement.

Social media users want the Times to take its own advice and CNN got caught in the crossfire.

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