Threat or promise? Libs gush over report CNN ‘might’ be skipping White House Correspondent’s Dinner

Once again we see the liberal media patting itself on the back for little reason.

This time, liberals are celebrating “news” that cable news network CNN “might” be skipping the upcoming White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Yes, they are praising CNN for something it hasn’t even done yet!

CNN is “considering” skipping the dinner (WHCD) because President Donald Trump has been taunting the network as “fake news” every time you turn around. But “considering” is all we know at this point, according to BuzzFeed.

“CNN is considering sitting out of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, according to two people familiar with the matter, as the annual star-studded affair takes on renewed scrutiny from media outlets irked by the White House’s demonization of the press,” the clickbait website reported.

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“We haven’t made a decision on it yet,” a CNN spokesperson told Buzzfeed.

In other words, BuzzFeed has unnamed “sources” inside CNN that says they really aren’t admitting to anything in fact. Sounds like fake news, doesn’t it?

But, the excitement swirling around the speculation is 100% real, and sad.

Following BuzzFeed’s tweet of the story, liberals gushed with praise about a “news” network boycotting the dinner. Many even said they want CNN to attack Trump with everything it has instead of reporting the news. Essentially, these liberals are saying they only want “news” coverage of things and people they agree with.

The only surprise is, how open and sloppy they’ve become about their agenda.

Naturally a few conservative bloggers and writers made fun of CNN for “maybe” deciding to skip the media, reported.

But CNN hasn’t always been so sour on the WHCD. After all, it was CNN that lovingly stayed with the Obama WHCD even as people in Baltimore were rioting. Yes, a cozy dinner with Obama was far more important “news” than a major U.S. city going up in flames.

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