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‘Law & Order’ writer goes after Melania Trump, ‘mafia wife’ is no victim

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First lady Melania Trump took a lot of backlash from the left for reciting The Lord’s Prayer at a campaign rally in Florida on Saturday.

But one television writer’s critique stood out as particularly offensive.

Geoffrey Thorne, a writer for “Law & Order” Criminal Intent,” likened Mrs. Trump to a mafia wife and painted her as complicit to whatever President Donald Trump does.

Melania Trump opens rally with ‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ triggers libs into most ridiculous argument yet

Thorne was referring to others who tweeted that they felt sorry for Melania after, they believed, she twitched when the president touched her.

Others pointed out that she flinched several times during the speech.

Regardless of the reason, several people found Thorne’s comparison to a mafia wife interesting considering a previous White House marriage many thought was based on convenience.

And it wasn’t the first time Thorne used the comparison.

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