Yes, he did! Here’s how President Trump just topped off Thursday’s epic presser dominating the media

How did President Donald Trump top Thursday’s epic presser dominating the media?

He took to his famed Twitter account on Friday, a day after he excoriated them in front of the world at a live press conference, and hammered the elite press as “fake news.”

He did praise one member of the media, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, but torched the leftist run news outlets.

The media has done nothing to disprove the president’s assessment of them since the press conference.

After the president called them out in front of the world, the mainstream media responded by publishing two ridiculous stories.

First, they took a story told by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that was supposed to be lighthearted and transformed it into a story about President Trump forcing the governor to eat meatloaf.

The Associated Press published a story, based on a memo, that claimed the president considered using the National Guard to corral and deport illegal immigrants.

And despite the quick denial of the story as “100 percent false” the media continued to report the story as if it were accurate.

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Carmine Sabia


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