Whip ‘em into shape! NY Post cover of Trump’s ‘epic’ presser goes where few other media outlets dare

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is closing but there is a new ringmaster in the arena.

The New York Post used its cover on Friday, as did the majority of publications, to comment on President Donald Trump’s drubbing of the media during his Thursday impromptu press conference. Instead of complaining, the Post playfully acknowledged Trump’s intention and went so far as to admit the ‘epic’ presser will likely be well received by millions of Americans, despite the rest of the media crying foul.

“Ringmaster Don whips media in epic rant,” blared the headline.

Chuck Todd cries foul over Trump’s media beat down, promptly pummeled with slew of wake-up calls

Aside, from some positive commentary on Fox News, the Post was the only mainstream publication to get it right, according to those who saw his media beat down as a refreshing change. So much so, Conservative actor James Woods shared it with his fans.


And as much as the president’s performance drove liberals insane, as the Post put it, it “played very different with Trump’s supporters.”

If Trump’s press conference is received the same way his ‘dark’ inauguration speech was, and blasted by the media, but loved by most, normal, everyday Americans, then they are on to something.

The responses rolling in on social media are telling:

Anti-Trump haters will be sorry to learn where their so-called boycott landed Ivanka’s fragrance sales

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