Check out the fiery Calif. town hall that SHATTERS the MSM’s immigration, anti-Trump mantra to smithereens

The small town of Cudahy, near Los Angeles, got a big surprise at a recent town hall meeting.

Officials were hammered by supporters of President Donald Trump for declaring itself a sanctuary city more than a year ago.

But what many might not have expected about these particular Trump supporters is they don’t fit the demographic, let alone the narrative, liberals and the mainstream media want people to believe about those who don’t support sanctuary cities.

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Among the videos from the event that are going viral are a black woman and a Latino man who castigated the town for its sanctuary policy.

“Sanctuary cities are racist,” the woman said.

“The black community has literally been destroyed by racist illegal immigration,” she said. “When my people do a crime we get three strikes. Your people do a crime they get amnesty.”

But, the woman said, now that America has a new president that nonsense is done.

“Thank God for (President) Trump,” she said.

She was joined by a Latino man who also lambasted the city.

“I’m a hardcore American patriot and a hardcore President Trump supporter,” he said.

“My mother came here legally. She had dignity, she had ethics, she had morals, and she didn’t want to come and disrespect this country,” he said.

“I voted for our president, Mr. Trump, and I stand right behind him.”

He explained that there are fellow Latinos, black and white people who are going to run for office and move to take the politicians seats to enforce the laws if the sanctuary cities won’t.

“People come her and they jump the border. They break into my house! Los Angeles is my house!” he said.

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“We have a new president, we have a new administration and they are not playing around. And we’re not playing around,” he said.

“America first! America Primero!”

These speeches came at the same meeting where Vice Mayor Christian Hernandez accused all of the President Trump supporters at the town hall “white supremacists.”

A charge that caused on Latino woman to get to the microphone and lambast him.

At the same meeting an openly gay, Democrat Latino activist was kicked out of the meeting after he accused the council of breaking the law.

Not exactly a typical group of “white supremacists.”

Video credit to @shuttershot45.

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Carmine Sabia


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