Nancy Pelosi tweets an all-female ‘SNL’ cast to play Trump admin, calls it an ‘interesting idea’

Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi seems to be entertaining the idea of an all female cast to portray Donald Trump and members of his administration on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

House Minority Leader Pelosi jumped to her Twitter feed on Wednesday to back the idea after reading a story featuring one writer’s opinion that female comediennes should portray all of Trump’s cabinet. This after the admittedly humorous portrayal of Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer by comedic actress Melissa McCarthy.

On her Twitter feed, Pelosi said the concept was “Certainly an interesting idea,” The Hill newspaper reported.

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Pelosi jumped on the idea because an unsourced report by Politico insisted that President Trump was “rattled” by McCarthy’s frenetic and combative portrayal of Spicer on the February 4 broadcast of the late-night TV show, The Hill said.

The Politico report brought calls from the left for all members of Trump’s administration to be portrayed by women.

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“It calls for keeping McCarthy as Spicer,” The paper said, “casting [Rosie] O’Donnell as [Steve] Bannon; Rachel Dratch as White House chief of staff Reince Priebus; Kristen Wiig as Jared Kushner; Janeane Garofalo as Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin; Betty White as Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Ellen DeGeneres as Vice President [Mike] Pence; and Amy Poehler as Ivanka Trump.”

Rosie O’Donnell has been shamelessly gunning for the opportunity since the buzz started.

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