Starbucks offers to pay legal fees for employees affected by Trump’s temporary travel order

Starbucks has secured the services of law firm Ernst & Young to help employees “navigate immigration issues and get answers in these uncertain times,” reported.

The coffee giant sent a letter to its employees on Monday asking workers to contact the law firm if they are having issues over Trump’s immigration order. The letter lists several emails employees can use to report their issues and to get legal assistance at the company’s expense.

“After the recent Executive Order placing restrictions on immigration and the subsequent legal challenges to its enforcement, we understand many partners [employees] still have questions about what this means for them,” the note says according to the Seattle Times.

Starbucks also claimed it was set to reach out to all employees who hold visas from any of the seven countries listed in the travel moratorium, even if the employees are not affected by the temporary halt to travel.

This is not the first move the company has made over Trump’s travel order. At the end of January Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz made a pledge to hire 10,000 “refugees” at his coffee shops, once again showing that he was more interested in politics than business.

Starbucks’ call to hire Muslim “refugees” brought rival coffee company, Black Rifle Coffee Company, to announce a hiring spree of its own. Only Black Rifle pledged to hire 10,000 U.S. military veterans instead of “refugees.”

After the announcement, Starbucks scrambled to apologize to veterans for what many saw as a slight to them. The coffee giant posted a special open letter to our US troops on the Starbucks website.

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