Even Bill Maher is fed-up with behavior of libs: They need to stop ‘shutting people up’

Liberal comedian Bill Maher castigated his own side of the aisle on this week’s episode of his HBO show “Real Time” over its war on free speech.

In particular, the controversial comedian took aim at the riots that engulfed the University of California Berkeley on Wednesday that prevented right-wing author Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking on campus.

“I’ve been a longtime critic of colleagues shutting people up. That is a problem on the left that we need to deal with very much so. Free speech should be something we (liberals) own,” he told his panel, which included Blaze TV host Tomi Lahren.

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“Nothing that happened at U.C. Berkeley the other night was good,” Lahren said. “It was militant. It was a riot. It was not a protest.”

Maher agreed and said he “thinks” his show had booked Yiannopoulos for a future appearance.

“I guess we’ll be putting on extra security,” he quipped.

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Maher didn’t hold the conservative harmless in regards to him invoking such vitriolic responses.

He said that Yiannopoulos is a “provocateur” that has “been thrown off Twitter — that’s how bad he is.”

“But they rioted at Berkeley because this guy was coming,” he said.

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