Debra Messing has the Berkeley riots figured out, she’s identified the miscreants

Far-left actress Debra Messing believes she has the Berkeley riot instigators pinpointed.

In a tweet, on Friday the “Will and Grace” star blamed Trump supporters for the violence.

Starbucks can hire all the refugees it wants, its competition vowed to hire 10 thousand veterans.

Messing was quickly ridiculed for her ridiculous assertion.

Ah yes, perhaps that is the reason behind this tweet.

In response to the Berkeley riots, Messing tweeted on Thursday that “Resistance works.” This tweet might be her way of distancing herself from that comment.

Libs are freaking out over Ginsburg’s health, desperate to find ways to keep her alive for at least 4 more years.

It’s not the only insane thing she has said since the election.

After the election, she participated in a video begging the Electoral College to vote against Trump to prevent him from becoming president.

She tweeted a ridiculous selfie to show her solidarity with Muslims because she didn’t bother to attend a march.

And she showed her fans that the way to deal with President Trump is to purchase expensive jewelry.

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