More empty-chair tantrums planned, this time for WH Correspondent’s Dinner. Oh, and a celeb protest too

Democrats across the country and at all levels have been indulging their inner child and crying like babies and throwing temper tantrums over their loss of power and, in yet another example of this sort of stompy-feet reaction, some members of the media have decided to boycott the annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

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The dinner has been held since 1920 and every president since Calvin Coolidge has participated, but because the media is so filled with hate, this year at least two major media outlets have decided to boycott the dinner. More are likely to follow.

The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, both typically host large events throughout the weekend have announced that they will not be participating this year’s annual event, Mediaite reported.

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For those of you who have never paid attention to this event, it has always been a time for both the media and the political parties to set aside partisan bickering and to indulge some self-deprecating humor. Presidents have always attended as a featured speaker to make a few jokes about contemporary politics, but also to joke about themselves in a lighthearted, good-natured way.

It has long been a night meant to sponsor a feeling that as Americans we are all in this thing together and that politics isn’t the end all and be all of life. But leave it to the liberal media to break this tradition and turn this event into just another time to show their hate for the half of the country that votes Republican.

But it isn’t just the media wallowing in their collective inner baby. Even in the halls of our capital Democrats have been hiding in their offices and refusing to do their duty.

Over the last few days Senate Democrats have been refusing to attend the various committee meetings meant to approve President Trump’s cabinet nominees hoping their absence will torpedo those nominees. Unfortunately for the no-show Democrats, the Republicans changed the rules as they are allowed to do because they are in the majority and put the nominees forward without them.

Of course, all those empty seats will need some place to go during the Correspondent’s Dinner. Lucky for them, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee will be holding a protest event in the same city that weekend, Mediaite reported.

How original!

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