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Suspect in execution style murder of beloved security officer reportedly on terror watch list

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The man who ambushed and killed a security officer in Denver was a “crazy man” who “creeped everyone out” and, even worse, was already on the FBI’s list as a possible terror suspect, reports now say.

Joshua Cummings, 37, had only recently moved to the Denver area before he quietly snuck up behind Denver Regional Transportation District security officer Scott Von Lanken and shot him in the head in a completely unprovoked attack, Twitchy.com reported.

After he was arrested Cummings told police he wanted to shoot a police officer. It appears that officer Von Lanken was a target merely because of his uniform and that he and Cummings never had any real interaction at all.

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According to all reports Mr. Von Lanken was a loving father and a loyal friend.

“Scott was the most giving, kind-hearted man that I’ve probably ever known — next to maybe my husband,” Von Lanken’s sister Sandy Ritter told Denver’s ABC 7. “I don’t think there’s a person in this world ever who would be mad at Scott.”

But now that their husband and father is gone, Von Lanken’s family is in dire straits.

“When my sister called me at 3 [a.m.], she told me, ‘Sandy, I have 40 cents in my wallet and we don’t have any groceries,'” Ritter said. “I don’t know if there’s help there, but that was one thing that was a concern to her.”

Von Lanken was the father of special needs kids and was once a pastor in Arizona.

People soon began leaving flowers in memorial to Von Lanken.

The attacker had been a sergeant in the U.S. Army and was also operating a ju jitsu school in Texas as late as 2015 before moving to Denver late last year.

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People who knew him described Cummings as “a crazy man” who “creeped everybody out.” And now some reports say he appears in a database of potential terrorists. Cummings may also have had “Muslim documents” in his possession when arrested.


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