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Iranian director might miss OSCARS due to Trump’s ban; cries to cancel the show leave libs in a pickle!

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Iranian director Asghar Farhadi might not attend the Academy Awards because of President trump’s ban on people from Middle Eastern nation, like Iran, from entering the United States.

Farhadi is nominated for best foreign film for his movie “The salesman.”

National Iranian American Council President Trita Parsi broke the story on social media.

The awards are still about a month away but rather than waiting to see if an exception is made for the director, social media went off on the president.

A director might not attend an awards show. Whatever will America do?

Counterpoint. None of President Trump’s wives ever participated in a terrorist attack.

Second counterpoint. Marla Maples was born in the state of Georgia.

Yes. Don’t give millionaire Hollywood liberals trophies for doing their job. That will teach those Trump supporters.

This is the greatest idea liberals have had in years.

And CNN’s Brian Stelter was one of the first to comment, asking Parsi for more information.

Meanwhile, several Middle Eastern travelers were prevented from coming to the United States on Friday, but one of them, an Iraqi who worked as a translator for the American government, was allowed to enter on Saturday.

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