Newt Gingrich on what to expect from Trump this week

With the era of Donald J. Trump barely begun, many are wondering just what our new president will do now that he is sworn in. Fox News put the question to Newt Gingrich and if Trump only does half of what Newt says he’ll do, it’ll be amazing.

Appearing over the weekend on Fox News with host Maria Bartiromo former Speaker of the House of Representatives and Trump spokesman Newt Gingrich laid out a big agenda for our new president.

Gingrich pointed out that Trump has already made a major move by beginning the process of eliminating Obamacare with his Executive Order aimed at eliminating the insurance mandate, a move that would entirely undermine Barack Obama’s take over of our healthcare system.

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Next the former Speaker said that Trump would start tackling immigration policy and will “suspend a number of Obama’s policies that were soft on immigration.

Newt also said Trump would likely move quickly on trade, “He will also begin moving toward a much tougher trade policy, particularly with Mexico and China.”

On top of all that Newt said President Trump will tackle Obama’s reams of regulations by rolling back as much as he can as quickly as he can.

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This is a very tall order. Barack Obama did a lot of damage, especially in his last months in office as he pushed through as many damaging regulations and policies as he possibly could. No president pushed through as many last-minute regulations and policies that he knew his successor would oppose than Obama.

Obama made major moves to tie Trump’s hands and work against the will of the people in his final days in office. Indeed, at the end of December, Obama pushed through an amazing $7.4 BILLION worth of regulations in just one night.

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