‘Why do you lie, CNN?’ Even anti-Trump Nancy Sinatra can’t take this BOGUS Trump headline

Now even those opposed to President-elect Donald Trump are calling out CNN for fake news.

Trump stunned the network last week when he called them “fake news” at his first press conference since winning the presidency.

And now Nancy Sinatra, who considers herself part of the resistance, has called the news organization to the carpet after CNN reported that she was angry President-elect Trump was using one of her father’s songs, although she deleted the tweet after several hours.

Sinatra later deleted the tweet, likely from presure she felt from liberals who are perfectly content to be spoonfed fake news.  But, below is a screenshot of the tweet that reads: “That is not true,” she responded directly to CNN’s headline. “I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?”

Nancy Sinatra CNN

Sinatra’s father, the legendary crooner Frank Sinatra, was a longtime Democrat who switched to supported President Ronald Reagan.

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Nancy shows no signs of doing the same for Trump, and has used her social media platform to call for resistance to the president-elect.

But she isn’t an unhinged celebrity preaching hate. Rather she is rooting for Trump to do good for America.

And calling out CNN is likely to gain her some fans among Trump supporters.

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