Behold the REGRESSION: Peaceful transition sends violent rioters into D.C. streets, unleash a rabid frenzy

So much for a peaceful transition of power. This looks more like it belongs in a violent third-world country.

At least two police officers were injured and 90 people were apprehended when masked thugs took to the streets immediately before and after President Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

The rioters, some with flags that were emblazoned with the anarchy symbol, smashed store and car windows and fought with police as they rampaged the streets of Washington D.C, Reuters reported.

“The message I want to send is that Trump does not represent this country. He represents the corporate interests,” Jessica Reznicek, a protester who did not take part in the riots, told Reuters.

But in another part of town a Biker for trump who was on hand to protect the inauguration was struck in the face and made to bleed when he got involved.

“I know, law and order and all that. We need more order. This ain’t right,” biker Bob Hrifko said.

Around 500 thugs, many of whom were so cowardly they wore masks, broke the windows of a Bank of America, Starbucks and a McDonald’s among other establishments on Friday.

They flung trash cans and newspaper bins into the streets and threw rocks at police as violence escalated, according to Griff Jenkins of Fox News.

Police used pepper spray and pressure grenades in an attempt to bring order. Jenkins was live on air and got caught up in the scene that often became dangerous.

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Carmine Sabia


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