‘Ohhh… yes. You’re right.’ Bernie Sanders gets humiliating lesson in basic economics from Betsy DeVos

Soon-to-be President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Department of Education gave the most spot-on life lesson to avowed socialist and former Democrat Party nominee for President Bernie Sanders during her recent confirmation hearing and it’s something you just have to see.

During his time for questioning Trump Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders asked her if she would help him push through his “free” college tuition program for America.

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Her common-sensed reply was fantastic…

“Senator I think that’s a really interesting idea and I think it’s really great to consider and think about, but I think we also have to consider the fact that there’s nothing in life that’s truly free.”

As Steven Cowder noted, the funniest part of this reply was that DeVos seemed to be speaking to Senator Sanders as if he were a child whose hand she needed to hold while she gently walked him through the facts of life.

“Ah, sweetie. What an interesting idea! Why don’t you color this part in and we can put it on the refrigerator. Then you can show daddy when he comes home. So proud of you, sweetums!” Crowder joked.

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It was interesting, though, that Sanders actually ended up agreeing with DeVos that, indeed, nothing is free and that someone will have to pay for his “free” college tuition program. “Ohhh… yes. You’re right,” he admitted before saying “that’s another issue.”

In other words, never mind that, because that “someone” is you and I, the taxpayers, of course.


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