New York Times writer, Paul Krugman : Delegitimizing Trump as president is ‘an act of patriotism’

New York Times left-wing columnist Paul Krugman has weighed in on the feud between President-elect Donald Trump and Rep. James Lewis and guess who he sided with.

Not only did Krugman predictably take Lewis’ side but he said that the Georgia representative’s comments on Trump not being a “legitimate” president were “patriotic.”

“But let’s not talk about Mr. Trump’s ravings. Instead, let’s ask whether Mr. Lewis was right to say what he said. Is it O.K., morally and politically, to declare the man about to move into the White House illegitimate?” Krugman wrote in his New York Times column.

“Yes, it is. In fact, it’s an act of patriotism,” he said.

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Krugman contended that Trump is not legitimate because “Hillary Clinton would almost surely have won if the F.B.I. hadn’t conveyed the false impression that it had damaging new information about her, just days before the vote.”

He went on in the story to insinuate that Trump might have colluded with Russia to win the election.

And remember when Democrats said that questioning the results of an election was a danger to our democracy?

Krugman remembers and he has an excuse for it.

“No, we shouldn’t get into the habit of delegitimizing election results we don’t like. But this time really is exceptional, and needs to be treated that way,” he said.

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