Cubans unleash their fury on Obama: ‘He really isn’t as good as everyone says’

Angry Cuban immigrants are once again slamming President Barack Obama for his recent change in immigration policy that makes it tougher for Cubans to get to America even as he make it easier for other illegals to food the U.S.A. at will.

One Cuban immigrant, Yadiel Cruz, was furious. “Obama has screwed all Cubans,” he told the Manila Times.

Many of the immigrants interviewed were highly critical of Obama saying he “hurt” them.

“We feel sadness because we are all coming with a dream that comes from pain, hunger and a lot of work to get this far,” Lorena Pena, a woman four months pregnant who left Cuba with her husband and four-year-old daughter, told the paper.

Pena added that Obama “screwed up, because what he’s done is hurt us — so he really isn’t as good as everyone says.”

raft Cuban
Video screenshot via YouTube.

Another Cuban who was hoping to make it to the U.S.A., Ulises Ferrer, said, “We don’t know what we’re going to do now. But what we’re certain of is that we’re not going back to Cuba unless we’re dead.”

All this disappointment and criticism comes as President Obama put an end to the “wet foot, dry foot” policy that was first put in place by Bill Clinton back in 1995.

In a statement about the policy change, Obama said the following:

Effective immediately, Cuban nationals who attempt to enter the United States illegally and do not qualify for humanitarian relief will be subject to removal, consistent with U.S. law and enforcement priorities. By taking this step, we are treating Cuban migrants the same way we treat migrants from other countries. The Cuban government has agreed to accept the return of Cuban nationals who have been ordered removed, just as it has been accepting the return of migrants interdicted at sea.

But many feel that this move is less about immigration and more about punishing America’s Cuban community because it has usually supported Republicans who have traditionally been more sympathetic to Cubans and their hatred of the Castro regimes.

In fact, some left-wingers are even confirming that Obama is acting with petty political motives underlying his attack on Cuban immigrants.

Liberal MSNBC host Joy Reid bragged, for instance, that Obama was indulging political payback against Cubans.

The screenshot is taken from the following video titled, “Freedom: A Cuban refugee’s odyssey to America” that partly chronicles the plight of a Cuban man escaping to America.


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