‘It’s a pretty simple idea’: Tucker Carlson reveals the new primetime formula

Fans of Tucker Carlson’s new show are going to have the chance to be a part of it now that he’s launching a new segment.

It was announced last week that “Tucker Carlson Tonight” is taking Fox News’ 9 p.m. spot formerly held by Megyn Kelly.

Carlson will continue highlighting social media comments on the day’s news with one commenter being name “King for a Day,” according to Fox News.

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“We’ll continue to enlist viewers to help uncover “News Abuse” — and you never know if he’ll make you the next “King for a Day,” a promo for the show read.


In a recent interview with Variety, Carlson shared some thoughts about what makes his show different:

On working for the two other cable networks who are now his competition:

“I don’t think we vote the same way,” Carlson says of both Maddow, who is part of a lineup of programs that tend to appeal to liberal viewers, and his other time-slot competitor, CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “But I like them, and I respect them. I take them seriously.”

On the show:

“I’m never interested in sucking up and I’m never interested in vigorous agreement. That’s not very elucidating. I want to press people to be direct, no matter who they are,” Carlson said during a recent interview. “The basic idea is I want to talk to people who are involved in events and who are knowledgeable. It’s a pretty simple idea. It has worked pretty well so far.”

“I don’t want to do a show where everyone is nodding in agreement. I don’t find that interesting. I would not watch it myself. I don’t think it adds much. I want to hear people from the other side. And this has been my frustration as a viewer: There’s not enough of that. There’s not enough robust, old-fashioned political debate.”


Social media users opined on what they want to do if they are ever really made a king for a day.

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