Dems want Hillary to lose AGAIN? Lawmakers gear up for last-ditch fight to stop Trump win

Some Democrats cannot stop stomping their collective feet in the world’s biggest temper tantrum.

Jill Stein’s recounts didn’t work. Martin Sheen and his band of C-list celebrities begging the Electoral College to vote for anyone other than Donald Trump didn’t work.

But they have one more (ridiculously long) shot to deploy.

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Before Congress certifies the elector’s vote on Friday, making Trump the official president-elect, some are planning to protest Trump’s election.

Representatives are allowed to protest when the votes are officially counted and several Democrat lawmakers are considering it.

The protest needs to be backed by a minimum of one senator, and none has even hinted that they planned to get on board, according to The Hill.

And even if a senator did back the move it’s unlikely to do anything other than delay Trump’s election by forcing both houses of Congress to separately debate each contested electoral vote, The Hill reported.

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The last challenge came in 2005 when, surprise, Democrats protested President George W. Bush’s Ohio results which caused his certification to be delayed by hours.

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Carmine Sabia


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