Josh Earnest told CNN Obama doesn’t get enough credit for being ‘most transparent’ president

Josh Earnest is not happy that his boss, President Obama, isn’t getting the credit he thinks he so richly deserves.

The long-serving White House press secretary even told CNN’s Brian Stelter that rather than complain about his lack of transparency, journalists ought to be praising the president for what he has done.

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“If this constituency of journalists are gonna be effective advocates for the issue that they care about, they need to remember that they have a responsibility not just to criticize those who are not living up to their expectations,” he said. “Any activist will tell you that the way that you get people to support you and to support your cause is to give them credit when the credit is due, to applaud them when they do the thing that you want them to be doing.”

But complain they have. And rightfully so.

On the same day Earnest appeared with Stelter the New York Times’ James Risen poured cold water on the press secretary’s claims in his own interview with the CNN host.

Risen said that, contrary to Earnest’s assertions, the Obama administration has been “the most anti-press administration since the Nixon administration.”

The writer engaged in a long court battle with the administration who demanded he reveal one of his sources for a book he wrote on the CIA.

He called the current White House “the greatest enemy of press freedom that we have encountered in at least a generation.”

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