Waiter having a bad day receives a Christmas gift that leaves him speechless and in tears

A young waiter who was having a bad day found the Christmas spirit lifting him up from the depths of despair when a family he was serving left him an amazing tip at the end of their meal and his shock and joy was caught on video.

In the video that is going viral, the diner asks the young waiter what sort of day he is having. The young man replies that his day has ben pretty rough, The Blaze reported.

Saying he thought that was the case, the patron then told the waiter that God directed him to “sow into his life” the Christmas spirit.

Before the Green family was done, the young waiter ended up with a $300 tip sending him into tears.

“You just paid off my car, sir,” the waiter said through the shock of joy brought upon him by the guest’s generosity.

“You never know. Keep being who you are, keep being nice. Don’t let people frustrate you…this family, the Green family wanted to bless you,” the patron says.

One thing is sure, this young man will always remember this Christmas gift.

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