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Passengers who claim they didn’t attack Ivanka but bragged they were going to, have serious anti-Trump history

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The husband of the man who verbally attacked Ivanka Trump on Thursday has a long history of anti-Trump activities.

Matthew Lasner, who bragged that his husband Dan Goldstein was going to harass Trump before he deleted that tweet, has participated in anti-Trump marches and used social media to complain about the president-elect.

The day after Donald Trump won the presidential election Lasner took to Twitter to ask who was going to march against the new president-elect.

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Days later he posted a video of himself in a #NotMyPresident march.


He followed that with the ridiculous assertion that Trump was going to start internment camps.


Lasner, whose website shows he is a published author with a focus on affordable housing, also used Instagram to express his contempt for Trump and other Republicans.

In one photo Lasner shows himself next to a sign, presumably for a protest, that read “RESIST! Autocracy. RISE UP!”


But perhaps the most disturbing is a picture from the Hunter College professor, of a student walking on campus wearing a Reagan / Bush ’84 shirt unbeknownst to the student he ridiculed.


Lasner has since deleted his social media accounts.

Dan Goldstein, the man who verbally assaulted Ivanka and her kids, is remaining tight-lipped since the incident went viral. TMZ caught up with Goldstein, but couldn’t get him to comment:

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