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Meatheads want to remake ‘All in the Family’: A PC Archie Bunker? What’s the point?

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Think about classic TV shows like “All In The Family,” in all of its politically incorrect glory and then imagine remaking it in the current safe space, microaggression culture.

It’s scary enough to make you cringe.

Twenty Black Lives Matter dudes jumped by 4 Trump supporters or another ‘hate crime’ hoax? You decide . . .

The news of the potential reboots, which also includes other classics like “Maude,” “The Jeffersons” and “Good Times,” was reported by AV.com as such:

According to Lear, the plan would be to take original scripts from the shows and reshoot them with modern actors, then air the end result in six-episode blocks. Sony has suggested that the miniseries would be akin to re-staging a play, allowing modern audiences to benefit from All In The Family’s approach to (and, in some cases, codification of) a key transition in American popular culture, especially in light of recent events.

Rob Lowe put it best in one simple tweet on Saturday.

Lowe was far from the only person to question the judgment of rebooting the classics.

Highly likely, as Trump will be the president for this run of the show.

No kidding. Some are already complaining.


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