‘Last Man Standing’ joke won’t cheer up the Dems, but it’s a great zinger

Both Tim Allen and his character on “Last Man Standing,” Mike Baxter, are both conservatives and neither make a secret about it.

On last Friday’s episode, Mike’s daughter Eve, played by Kaitlyn Dever, took her new boyfriend, Rob, to meet her parents.

Mike and his wife Vanessa both liked Rob, who is also a Republican, but they were troubled by the fact that the 20-year-old admitted to them that he was a recovering alcoholic, unbeknownst to Eve.

Later in the episode, Vanessa told Mike that Eve and Rob broke up, but when Mike confronted Eve to find out if he was responsible for their separation, he learned it was a ruse.

She told her father that she concocted the story of their breakup to spare her parents from worrying about her dating a recovering alcoholic.

“He’s an alcoholic and a Raiders fan. If he becomes a Democrat, he’ll become the Mike Baxter trinity of evil,” she said.

And that’s when Baxter hit the best zinger of the show.

“He’s not going to become a Democrat now that he quit drinking,” he said.

Watch the clip below.

h/t: Newsbusters.

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