China says to chill out, it will return the US drone it seized . . . but not without demands

Maybe this is what happens when foreign nations know the U.S. president means business.

On Saturday China announced it will be returning the U.S. drone it seized in the South China Sea on Friday.

The Asian power made the announcement mere hours after President-elect Donald Trump tweeted his irritation over the incident on Saturday, according to CNN.

“Upon confirming that the device was a U.S. underwater drone, the Chinese side decided to transfer it to the U.S. side in an appropriate manner,” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Sr. Col. Yang Yujun said in a statement, CNN reported.

But China was unhappy with what it believed was the U.S. “hyping” the incident.

Trump’s early morning tweet was exploding heads and was deleted for good cause!

“China and the United States have been communicating about this process. It is inappropriate — and unhelpful for a resolution — that the US has unilaterally hyped up the issue,” Yujun said. “We express our regret over that.”

Still, China said it opposed the United States conducting such surveys in the seas near its borders.

“China firmly opposes such acts and demands the US cease such activities. China will stay alert over relevant US activities and will take necessary measures to counter them,” Yujun said.

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