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Sheriff Arpaio defiantly ends investigation into Obama’s birth certificate

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio has ended his years-long investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate, but not without announcing that he’s been right all along.

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The outgoing Maricopa County sheriff, who lost his reelection bid in November, held a press conference on Thursday where he said he was maligned for speaking out about what many consider a fringe conspiracy theory.

“We and anyone else who dared to question the document have been maligned, falsely labeled and grossly criticized,” he said according to The Associated Press.

“This investigation was never about where president Obama was born,” he said. “We were going to investigate a government possible forged document.”

Officials in the state of Hawaii have repeatedly confirmed that the president’s birth certificate is legitimate but Arpaio has remained steadfast in his determination.

He said his team has reached the ultimate conclusion that the president’s birth certificate is a forgery.

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President-elect Donald Trump, who long questioned the president’s citizenship said before the election that he does now believe Obama is a citizen.

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