WOW! Read Roseanne Barr’s R-rated rant about Hillary and her ‘f**king arrogant’ supporters

Roseanne Barr unleashed a brutal torrent of expletive-laced vitriol on Hillary Clinton supporters who went after her for not backing the former Democrat presidential candidate.

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The star of the eighties hit sitcom “Roseanne” apparently believes writers for Clinton are responsible for giving Internet trolls the material with which to attack her, so they became her first target.

But she was far from done as she set her sights on the hate mongers who believe Barr should have backed Clinton because she’s a woman. And is there any more important qualification than that?


And she didn’t care what anyone called her, she made it known that no one is going to silence her.

Barr said she was voting for herself but she made no secret about the fact that between the two main candidates she preferred Trump.

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She said she wouldn’t vote for Clinton no matter “what’s in her shorts” and declared that America “would be so lucky” if Trump won, though she did not officially endorse him.

It’s safe to assume that, much like some of Hillary’s rich supporters who are enraged at her, Barr won’t be getting any invites to Clinton parties.

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