Top liberal site publishes argument that State Dept would ‘declare the presidential election results a hoax’

Threatening electors, signing petitions, rioting and recounts haven’t worked but left-wing zealots show no signs of surrendering.

In a piece for the liberal website “The Daily Beast,” Alan Gilbert, a professor at Denver University, argued that the presidential election results should be invalidated because Hillary Clinton did better than Donald Trump in exit polls.

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“In any other country, the U.S. State Department would declare the presidential election results a hoax: Clinton won initial exit polls—usually dead accurate—in four swing states,” he said.

He added that Jill Stein “has done a public service in demanding that the votes be audited in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Even where paper trails exist, most states do not audit elections. It is important to know that the vote each of us casts is counted fairly.”

Though it should be noted that Michigan and Pennsylvania courts have ended the recount efforts in those states.

Gilbert maintained that based on the exit polls alone that the election should be wiped from the record and noted that he believes “the U.S. State Department would challenge these suspicious results in any other country.”

But why stop there?

Why have a Super Bowl when you can simply poll the fans and ask who they think ought to win the game?

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Allowing the game to play out and see who is victorious is another option.

Nah, let’s do polls.

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