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Donald Trump responds to getting Time Mag’s ‘Person of the Year.’ And look who came in second . . .

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Donald Trump wins again.

Early Wednesday the notoriously liberal leaning Time Magazine named the president-elect its “Person of the Year.”

His Democrat opponent for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, once again, came in second to Trump for the honor, according to what Time’s managing editor Nancy Gibbs told Fox News.

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Trump reveled in his victory.

“It’s a great honor. It means a lot,” Trump told NBC’s Matt Lauer on the “Today Show.”

Lauer got a jab in by telling Trump that “Person of the Year isn’t necessarily a compliment and that Gibbs has stated it is given to a “person who influenced events for better or for worse.”

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“To be on the cover of Time Magazine as the ‘Person of the Year’ is a tremendous honor,” Trump maintained.

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The response of social media was no surprise as liberals lost their collective minds.

Don’t worry. You never will be.

Yeah what did he do?

Who knows, maybe she won the popular vote among the readers?

But Trump supporters love that they keep on winning.

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