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Kimberly Guilfoyle explains why Obama hates Fox News so much

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Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle made a point that is sure to upset liberals everywhere on a recent broadcast of “The Five.” Guilfoyle insisted that the media has spent the last eight years reporting only favorable stories about Barack Obama.

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“President Obama has enjoyed, really, like, a fairy-tale romance with the mainstream media,” Guilfoyle said during the discussion. “They very much, they like him personally, they like his politics., his ideology He’s the one that really hasn’t had a full fact-checking and what-not. He’s actually had, I think, quite a relationship, a nice eight years with the press, with the exception of him calling out and having a problem with the Fox News Channel because we’re actually reporting all of the news instead of just select positive stories. You’ve got to talk about actually what’s going on everywhere.”

Guilfoyle went on to note that the “flip side” of this favorable treatment of Obama is seen in the fact that President-Elect Donald Trump has had it worse than any president in waiting in history.

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“Nobody’s had it so bad as President-Elect Donald Trump,” Guilfoyle concluded, “in terms of the amount of like bashing, trashing in the press, even The New York Times saying, you know, that they got it wrong, they went too far, they need to do a better job of having fair and balanced reporting and covering accurately. So, this is going to be a real test of journalism in this country.”

As to The New York Times, Guilfoyle was talking about the paper’s recent admission that it did not cover the Trump campaign fairly and its assurances (likely false) that it will “rededicate” itself to more fair coverage of politics.


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