Nancy Pelosi called on to apologize for disturbing ‘racist’ remarks about Ben Carson

After liberals spent the last few years slamming Dr. Ben Carson for being unqualified to become our next President, Nancy Pelosi is now out there saying Carson is “disturbingly unqualified” to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

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Left-wingers quickly jumped to their own Twitter feeds to agree with Pelosi.

But others noted that these attacks would be deemed “racist” by these very same hypocritical left-wingers if Carson happened to be a Democrat.

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Some even called on Pelosi to apologize, putting an unmistakable scent of irony in the air. Oh, how the tables have turned.

But don’t expect clueless San Fran Nancy to have the capability to understand any of this. After all, even after a major election where “change” was at the top of everyone’s mind when going to the polls, Nancy Pelosi actually just said, “I don’t think that people want a new direction.”


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