Joy Behar goes full-on fearmonger over DC ‘pizza-gate’ gunman; it’s the ‘beginning of a dictatorship’

Never let a crisis go to waste.

“The View’s” Joy Behar told viewers that an incident where an armed man stormed a Washington D.C. pizzeria looking for children he believed were being held there as part of a pedophile ring signaled the “beginning of a dictatorship.”

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The hosts of ABC’s “The View” were discussing the incident on Monday and cited a growing story that claims Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta used the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria as a front to traffic children in what many claim is a conspiracy theory known as “pizzagate.”

Behar mentioned a fake news story that circulated about Trump prior to his election that falsely claimed that he said Republican voters were dumb.

“That happens to be a fake statement that hurt him possibly … not enough apparently,” she said.

But then she made an inexplicable jump to what it meant for the country.

“I’m saying that it can hurt both ways and it’s not good and no one believes the news anymore,” she said. “And this is the beginning of a dictatorship.”

Wait. What?

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Perhaps the reason no one believes the news anymore is because mainstream media promoted a fake story that Trump had no chance to win the election for months.

It’s another case of liberals saying things they have no way of proving simply because they can.

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