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Hannity gets Donald Trump to address those still upset over election results

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As liberals continue to stir dissension and discontent, some even sowing hatred, President-Elect Donald Trump had a message for those Americans who didn’t vote for him when he joined Fox News for his first interview since the election.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show as the Fox News host broadcast from Cincinnati, Ohio, the President-Elect urged Americans not to worry and said that things are going to work out just fine, Fox Insider reports.

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With his last question, Hannity pointed out that many liberal voters are still very upset over the election and they are worried about what President-elect Trump might do. The Fox commentator then asked Trump if there was anything he’d like to say to “reassure their sensitive feelings” that the country will be OK.

“I think they’re going to be very happy,” Trump replied. “I think we’re going to have a very safe country, a very prosperous country.”

Our new president insisted that young people will come to find that a Trump administration will help create good-paying jobs for everyone, including “their parents.”

Trump couldn’t resist a little jab, though, noting that most of the parents of these complaining millennials actually voted for Trump.

But he reiterated that things will be just fine.

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“We’re going to have a very prosperous and a very safe country, and I hope they realize that very soon,” Trump concluded.


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