Watch Chuck Todd hammer Kellyanne Conway for daring to criticize the media

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was in take no prisoners mode on Sunday and NBC’s “Meet The Press” anchor Chuck Todd felt her bite.

Todd hammered Conway with the newest anti-Trump media narrative, that his businesses present a unique conflict of interest for him and his role as president.

But she fired back at Todd about the mainstream media’s adversarial coverage of President-elect Trump as opposed to its love affair with then President-elect Obama in 2008.

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“I went back and looked at what all the press clips and the conversations on shows like this were eight years ago. It was basically debating just how cool Barack Obama is. . . . if we’re not going to do that about President-elect Trump, we should at the very least trust him to do the right thing and comply with the law here,” she said.

A smug, and aggravated, Todd shot back at Conway.

“I understand. Every knee-jerk push-back is going to be to blame the media,” he said. “It’s a crutch. I get it. And I’m used to it. But it’s not the fact.”

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It appears Trump will not have the customary “honeymoon” period with the media that most president-elect’s get, but he probably wouldn’t want it any other way.

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