Want to guess what makes Geraldo Rivera ‘gag’? Conservatives who don’t swoon over Castro, apparently

Want to know what makes Geraldo Rivera gag? Conservatives, of course.

Rivera cannot understand how the morally inferior right-wingers don’t grasp the affection liberals have for Fidel Castro.

Yes, the Fox News personality compared a man who denied his citizens basic human rights to American presidents and Elvis Presley.

And he was blasted for it.

Despite the pounding he took, Rivera dug his heels in and continued his rant.

Yes, to Fidel. Not to the Cuban people. Big difference.

If by handful you mean millions, including the thousands that gathered for an all-night party in Miami at news of the despot’s demise.

“Notice how those who condemn #FidelCastro Never Mention how he overthrew the Fascist unelected Dictator #fulgenciobatista,” tweeted Rivera. That’s because he became one himself.

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